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15 Travel Tattoos From Around the World

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Looking for some inkspiration that captures your love of travel? We were too. That’s why we asked the Her Adventures travel community to share their best travel tattoos from around the world for women and OMG they did not disappoint! There were so many gorgeous submissions, it was seriously hard to choose. But we did our best to put together a collection of some of our favorite travel tattoos from around the world.

15 Travel Tattoos For Women

Round the world

tattoos from around the world

Want something small that say something big? How gorg is this compass inspired tattoo from Lu S.? This dainty design says everything with just a few lines.


tattoos from around the world

Naomi M. rocks this stunning back tattoo, featuring the 7 continents in an artsy display. While this beautiful design could go just about anywhere, there’s something fun about having a travel tattoo that people will see as you’re walking out the door on your next adventure.


tattoos from around the world

Tonje M, got this beautiful tattoo in Thailand. We especially love that she went with an old school globe. Do they…even make those anymore? The blossoming flowers adds the perfect feminine touch.

Passports and Planes

tattoos from around the world

We are officially obsessed! If you’re ever sad about losing stamps because your passport expired, this might be the tattoo just for you. Jessica S. has come up with a great way to make sure those well earned stamps are never retired.


tattoos from around the world

This compass from Kersty F. is almost too cute for words. The watercolors add just the right touch of softness and whimsy. With that cute little airplane to finish it off — muah! It is perfection.


tattoos from around the world

Krupa H. has us smiling with this playful travel tattoo of a little girl holding onto a world balloon. Such a sweet image that really captures the child like joy of holding the world in your hand as you set off on your next trip. Take us with you little girl!


tattoos from around the world

There are so many fabulous quotes about traveling but this one really hits home (or perhaps hits abroad?). We travelers know that not all those who wander are lost. McKenzie W’s beautiful script tattoo is the perfect reminder to keep on exploring.

Coastal inspired

tattoos from around the world

As we love to remind our members, traveling is about so much more than passports and plane tickets. This absolutely amazing tattoo from Kaelynn H. with an anchor and lighthouse is all about travel by boat, one of our favorite ways to see the world!


tattoos from around the world

This is the coolest idea ever from Melissa P. Is there a place that has stolen your heart? Maybe the first country you visited? Or a memory you never want to forget? A mountain climbed, literally or figuratively? Why not get a tattoo of the coordinates of that exact location!

Enjoy the journey

tattoos from around the world

Travel is as much about the journey as it is the destination. On the way we make friends, discover new things, find our strength, and have unexpected adventures. Just make sure you wear comfortable shoes. Emma D. captures the traveler spirit with this inspired tattoo.


tattoos from around the world

Resfeber (n.)
Origin: Swedish
Definition: The restless race of the traveler’s heart before the journey begins, when anxiety and anticipation are tangled together.

Yes! Jen S. found the perfect word to sum up what it means to be a traveler. That mingle of excitement and nervousness is perhaps one of the best parts of travel – when everything and anything is possible. And hey, Jen, we see that adorable little airplane on your wrist. Love it.


tattoos from around the world

Andiamo me e te, a simple but deeply meaningful sentiment in Italian. Let’s go, you and me! The call of the traveler to their beloved (and hard to find) travel buddy. Devron M. is giving us goosebumps.

Walking the globe

tattoos from around the world

How adorable is this? So adorable it almost hurts. We know exactly what this – literally – globetrotting gal is feeling with that confident smile and big step. The world is Danielle B.’s oyster and it’s ours too!


tattoos from around the world

Tawita A. has us melting over this incredibly sweet tattoo of the world as flower petals. It’s so delicate and yet so unmistakable. It’s got us thinking: what other ways could you creatively display the continents?

Her Adventures

tattoos from around the world

You’ll have to forgive us if this is our favorite tattoo, but is there any better tattoo for women that sums up everything than a Her Adventures tattoo? Devan M. we are always with you, where ever your travels take you!

Phew! Can’t believe we managed to only pick 15 tattoos. There were sooo many and all just as fantastic. Thank you to all of the GWT community for sharing their ink and getting us so fired up for our next tattoo!

Want to see more amazing travel tattoos from around the world? Come on over to the Her Adventure group, you’ll find lots of discussion about travel tattoos or you can start your own.

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