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10 Important Travel Essentials For Women

Her Adventures | Travel Essentials for Women
One of my favorite travel quotes is “One’s destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things.” Whether you are traveling to exotic places or just exploring your hometown, here are the travel essentials for women you need to stay comfortable and happy.
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Travel Essentials for women – Sleep mask

travel essentials for women

This is a must-have essential for people who travel and I absolutely swear by it. I literally can’t travel without it, it helps you to relax or sleep without any disturbance. There are so many funky designs to have it in your style!

Power bank

travel essentials for women
This is another necessity in order to keep our phone alive either during our journey or in case of a power outage on the place and for people who go on hike trips these power banks act as a rescue source…so choose according to the capacity you need.

Universal Travel adapter

travel essentials for women
This is a must-have for international traveler to avoid hunt for your suitable charging port. This adapter can help you charge your phone from any kind of power socket…

Neck pillow

travel essentials for women

These neck pillows ensure comfortable sleep during your journey and not ending up with a strained neck. If you are a light sleeper you can also opt for earplugs.

Mini travel bottles

travel essentials for women
Instead of carrying a heap of bottles of shampoo, body wash, lotions opt for a mini travel bottle to save space and loading your bag. So have a couple of these bottles for your next travel.

Don’t forget your medicines

travel essentials for women
You may be in hurry, but never forget important medicines, especially if you are following a prescription or a personalized medicine.

Don’t forget your menstrual essentials

travel essentials for women
Don’t forget to pack your menstrual essentials, either pads, tampons or menstrual cup, so that you are prepared for your unexpected or expected cycle visit.

Travel organizers

travel essentials for women
If you are packing for a long vacation use the organizers to organize every section of clothes, jewelry, accessories and makeup using the organizers these will help to keep things in place and save space too.

Pack Accordingly

travel essentials for women

Always remember, ” Less luggage more comfort.” So pack accordingly! List out what you need and what type of place you are traveling to.

travel essentials for women

Passport holder/ Important paper folders

travel essentials for women
Always have one specific folder to hold all your important travel-related documents… There are so many out there so you can choose the one that fits your style.

Never overpack

travel essentials for women

Never overpack, this will only make your travel difficult and you can’t find what you need in the middle of clutter.

So … Eat …Sleep .. Travel… Repeat! You are now prepared with these travel essentials for women.

Bon Voyage!

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