Her Adventures | World Vegan Day

World Vegan Day – How to Travel When You Are Vegan

Happy World Vegan day! Following a vegan diet at home isn’t as hard as some people think. It starts off hard, but there’s a steep...
Her Adventures | Brazil for Dinner

Brazil for Dinner

In this series of culinary and cultural travel, I’m taking you with me to explore different countries' cuisines and cultures from the comfort of our...
Her Adventures | Travel by food

Hawaii for Lunch – Travel by Food

France for breakfast, Hawaii for lunch and Peru for dinner. Given the flight distances, this sentence wouldn’t even be achievable under regular circumstances. And we...
Her Adventures | Vegan-eatarian

I am a Vegan-eatarian, is Paris for me?

What's a vegan-eatarian? I used to think vegan described a dietary preference, but it seems to be a lifestyle choice. Hence the -eatarian. A Vegan-eatarian...
Her Adventures | South America on a plant-based diet

9 Tips for Visiting South America on a Plant-Based Diet

When I first decided to start traveling South America I thought about all the incredible landscapes I’d see, the vibrant cities I'd visit, and the...
Her Adventures | New York City

A Local’s Guide to New York City

I grew up just outside the city in New Jersey, on the US East Coast, and have worked/interned there, and spent many a weekend there...