My Fun Kansas Roadtrip Staycation

Her Adventures | Staycation in Kansas

Thanks to COVID 19, travel plans most likely have to be modified this year.

Staycation roadtrip

Like most people, I had to change my plans to incorporate more road trips. Which led me to my Kansas roadtrip. “What’s there to do in Kansas,” you ask? Surely a whole lot! Even limiting my adventures to remain close to I-70, Kansas has a lot hidden gems that made my road trip time fly by. I’ve typed it all up so you can go on your own mini-adventure through this awesome midwestern state. Nothing better than a Kansas staycation!

Eating in Salina

We stopped in Salina at the famous Cozy Inn for sliders. Why stop for sliders? Well, Cozy Inn is said to be the burger place that invented the delicacy that is the slider. And Cozy Inn’s are pretty bleeping good! Chances are good that the cook is also the owner, which makes this an even more authentic stop.

Her Adventures |  Staycation in Kansas

Presidents in Abilene

You can also stop in Abilene, home of President Dwight Eisenhower. His presidency is the reason we have our interstate system! See the presidential library, museum, and final resting place of our 34th president. Abilene itself is a particularly delightful stop on your Kansas staycation. Its exactly what you think a small town in Kansas would look like.

Her Adventures |  Staycation in Kansas

Historical Moments in Topeka

Interested in more US history? Look no further than the Capital city of Topeka. It’s the home of the ground breaking Brown vs Board of Education case that ended segregation in schools. The museum is part of the national park service, and is an important part of US history.

Her Adventures |  Staycation in Kansas

Roadside Stops around Kansas

If you have more time to venture off the beaten path (or interstate), then a Kansas roadtrip offers you a lot of options. It’s home to the world’s largest ball of twine and a notoriously haunted cemetery. There is even a replica of Dorothy’s house with a certain witches legs sticking out. While no one is going to mistake it for New York City (although there IS a Manhattan, Kansas), there are plenty of adventures that await you if you decide to venture through this state in the middle of the USA. Therefore enjoy your Kansas staycation!

Her Adventures |  Staycation in Kansas
At the state line!

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