Sex Cruises for Singles

Her Adventures | Sex cruises for singles

Are you ready to head out for a solo vacation and want to have some extra fun? Sex cruises for singles may just be the thing you are looking for. There are plenty of singles cruises out there, and who knows, maybe some naughty time is in the cards!

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Know the difference

Her Adventures | Sex Cruises for Singles

There’s a difference between embarking on a cruise as a solo traveler, or going on a designated singles cruise. If it’s important to you to be around other solo travelers, and potentially turn this into a sex cruise for singles, make sure you don’t accidentally end up on a family cruise with mom, dad, and a bunch of kiddos. Wouldn’t that be a snore?

10 popular Sex Cruises for Singles leaving from US ports

You can cruise to almost any place on earth. We have picked some popular routes and destinations for you here.

  1. 4 Night Bahamas Cruise. Not sure that the cruising life is for you? Ease into it with this quick (and potentially dirty) Bahamas cruise!
  2. Explore the west coast of the US on this 5 night Pacific Coast cruise.
  3. Sail to Bermuda for 6 nights with this cruise.
  4. Spend 6 nights in the Western Caribbean and Mexico on this cruise.
  5. Discover the beauty of the West Coast of Mexico for 7 nights.
  6. Head north for 8 nights on this cruise to Canada and New England.
  7. Enjoy the beautiful Pacific Northwest on this 7 night cruise.
  8. Hit the Eastern Caribbean for 8 days.
  9. Celebrate endless sunshine and a breeze on this 8 night Southern Caribbean cruise.
  10. Have fun in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and many stops in between on this 7 night cruise.

sex cruises for singles

Going on a cruise is perfect for the solo traveler for many reasons. Boredom is virtually impossible. Most cruise ships offer so much entertainment, you could be partying 24/7. Depending on the route you choose, you could relax and enjoy on board entertainment, or book excursions. Excursions can be a lot of fun. Who knows, you may just end up getting hot and heavy on a deserted beach with that cute guy you spotted at breakfast! Singles cruises can be one big party – if you choose to do so. If you are in need of R&R, you will be able to find a perfect balance on your ship. It can be very intense, no matter if you are looking for that special someone, or looking to simply enjoy sex cruises for singles. No matter what your expectation is, do not put pressure on yourself, and don’t be shy. There’s no need to stress about embarking on a solo adventure. You will be surrounded by like minded people, and you’ll make friends in no time… maybe even some very special ones!

LGBTQ Sex Cruises For Singles

Interested in LGBTQ sex cruises for singles? Here are 5 popular ones!

  1. This 6 day cruise to Mexico’s most LGBTQ friendly town, Puerto Vallarta, is all the rage.
  2. Spend a week sailing from LGBTQ friendly Fort Lauderdale to the Caribbean.
  3. Explore LGBTQ friendly destination in Central America on this cruise.
  4. Are you ready for some romance? 7 days cruising Venice and the Adriatic should hit that spot.
  5. Splurge on a 15 night cruise to Hawaii and French Polynesia!

Age Groups

Her Adventures | Sex Cruises for Singles

An average cruise ship is huge and can hold several thousand people. And cruises aren’t for grandma and grandpa anymore. The average age on a cruise is 30 to 50 years. The chances that singles your age will be on board is therefore great. But if you are concerned about this, or if you want to make sure you have plenty of eligible hotties to choose from your sex cruise for singles, make sure you choose an age-specific single person cruise.

10 popular Sex cruises for Singles leaving from European ports

  1. Spend 4 nights on the famous Queen Mary 2, cruising the UK, Belgium, and the Netherlands.
  2. Depart from fabulous Barcelona on this 5 night cruise to Spain, Italy, and France.
  3. The Greek Isles are a dream destination, and on this 7 day cruise you’ll see all the highlights.
  4. Leave Venice on this 7 night cruise of the Eastern Mediterranean.
  5. 7 nights will go by in a hurry on this fantastic cruise of Northern Europe.
  6. Mon dieu! A French river cruise? Book your 7 night Bordeau Affair here!
  7. Greek, Turkey, and Croatia – 3 can’t-miss destinations that await you on this 7 night cruise.
  8. Bathe in luxury – and the Mediterranean – on this 7 night luxury cruise from Barcelona to Rome.
  9. Dance to your own Spanish Symphony on this 8 night luxury cruise, exploring Spain, ending in Lisbon, Portugal.
  10. Highlights of France and Spain await you on this 8 night cruise of the Western Mediterranean.

Need to know

There are things you need to be aware of when going on a sex cruise for singles. Most singles cruises won’t get offer solo cabins, which means you’ll have to bunk up with a stranger. Now – if Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome walks through that cabin door, you probably won’t be too sad about sharing a room. But if your room mate doesn’t strike your fancy, make sure to talk about dos and don’ts before your roomie walks in on you in a delicate situation. One thing you can do to ensure success on your sex cruises for singles is to take advantage of roommate-matching services. You can be paired with a fellow cruiser of the same sex (or not, wink wink!), and of a similar age range, if that’s what you are interested in.
Most cruise lines, no matter if their cruise is singles only or not, will have special single events on the ship. This could be single-mingle dining, dancing lessons, group games, cocktail parties, and group shore excursions. This is good news. If you can not find a single-specific cruise, make sure to look at the on-board entertainment and events to find out if they cater to singles.

5 Popular Singles cruises in Asia

  1. Discover the beauty of Southeast Asia on this 5 night cruise.
  2. From Hong Kong to Vietnam and Singapore, this 6 night cruise hits all the spots.
  3. Circumnavigate Japan in 9 nights.
  4. Enjoy the fall foliage in Japan and Korea on this 9 night cruise.
  5. Depart Tokyo, explore more of Japan and Taiwan on this 9 night cruise.

Wanna get laid? We got some tips

If you are booking sex cruises for singles and dream of that no holds barred, no strings attached, straight out of an erotic novel hookup, remember a few things:
1. Certain cruise lines, such as Carnival, are better for younger singles.
2. Pick your time of year. If you are in college and looking to hook up, book a cruise during spring break.
3. Pick a shorter route. While you might enjoy the added benefit of exploring new locations, a shorter cruise is cheaper, leaving you with more money to spend on fun events and drinks. Plus: in case you hook up with someone and things don’t work out, you’ll only have to avoid that person for a short time.

Timing is everything on sex cruises for singles. Got your eye on that cute girl from Cabin 4B? Don’t hop into her bunk on day 1. All passengers must attend a muster drill, and wouldn’t that be a buzz killer?
Remember that, just like in a hotel, there’ll be housekeeping. Put out your ‘do not disturb’ sign. But even if you do, you’ll hear plenty of activity when it’s time for cleaning. if that bugs you, figure out what time they’ll be in your area, and have your tête-à-tête elsewhere, or later.
Cruise ship walls aren’t made out of cardboard, but you’ll still be able to hear your neighbors. try and keep it somewhat quiet.
While that bartender may be the hottest hottie you’ve ever seen, he or she is off limits. Crew may seem flirty, but they can lose their job over sex with passengers.

3 Popular Singles cruises in Australia & New Zealand

  1. Is Tasmania on your list? Then book this 7 night cruise.
  2. See the best Australia and new Zealand have to offer in 8 nights!
  3. Get the full Australia experience on this 9 night cruise.

Looking for a little extra?

Her Adventures | Sex Cruises for Singles

All of these cruises are amazing, but if you are looking to step it up a notch, consider these cruises.

  1. Are you a Formula 1 fan? Then this 7 night cruise from Rome to the Grand Prix of Monaco is perfect for you!
  2. Spend 10 nights on a luxury 148 passenger sailing yacht on this Grecian Treasures Cruise Tour.
  3. Experience a luxury cruise on the world’s largest sailing ship on this 12 night Portuguese Passages & Spanish Shorelines Cruise Tour.
  4. Spend 14 days on a luxury sailing yacht and discover the Wild Wonders of the Central America Coasts via the Panama Canal.
  5. On this luxurious 11 day cruise, you’ll get to see the Monteverde Cloud Forest & Arenal Volcano.
  6. 14 nights in the balmy waters of the Caribbean are a dream vacation for everyone!

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