Provence – 7 Days in the South of France

Her Adventures | Provence

I did quite a bit of hiking over the past year as I find it both healing and therapeutic. So when I planned a trip in the fall with a group of women, I decided to incorporate hiking into the mix. We chose to visit the beautiful region of Provence in the south of France. This area combines not only charming villages and historical towns, but delicious food, colourful markets and a variety of hiking terrains.
After a lot of research we booked with a local company, based in Avignon, called Walk Inn Provence. They provided us with a Provence itinerary, organized our hotels, gave us the detailed hiking information and arranged transfers for us and our luggage.

Best time of year to travel in Provence

Her Adventures | Provence

Summer is, in fact, the most popular time to travel in Provence. The lavender and sunflower fields are in bloom and therefore offer spectacular views. Unfortunately hordes of tourists crowd the towns of Provence. Hotels are expensive during summer, and restaurants fully booked.

We traveled there in mid-October. The weather cooperated with us and stayed sunny and warm. All the olive trees and vineyards bore fruit. The towns were lovely after the main tourist season, and the service we received everywhere was excellent. It was a very pleasant time to be there.

Provence Itinerary: Day 1


This charming town with twisting alleys, colourful patisseries and interesting shops was our base for the first three nights.


Arrive in Marseille and transfer to St. Remy and our beautiful hotel, Sous les Figuiers. This small renovated hotel is just a few steps from the centre of St. Remy. The rooms are all on one level, with inviting front porches, and they surround a lush garden with fig trees and beautifully arranged plants and lanterns. In the morning the hotel provides a hearty breakfast of fresh croissants, bread, homemade jams, eggs, cheese, yogurt and fruit.

After settling into our hotel, we walked to town. We meandered through the narrow streets and alleys of this town, which are filled with shops and restaurants. For lunch we stopped at Michel Marshall restaurant and patisserie, which is located in a small and quiet square. Our salads and sandwiches were delicious, fresh and beautifully presented. But the highlight of this restaurant are the desserts, which are a feast for the eyes – prepared by the namesake pastry chef.


After lunch we continued walking through the town and headed to St-Paul-de-Mausole, which is the monastery where Vincent van Gogh spent some of his most productive and creative  months. There is a nicely landscaped courtyard, and we saw the room that Van Gogh lived in, which is depicted in one of his famous paintings. From there, we then walked over to the ancient archeological site of Glanum. Then, On our way back to the hotel we picked up some cheese, baguette, olives, figs, tomatoes and a nice bottle of vin (wine) for our dinner.


We had an early dinner outside, on the quiet porch of our room, adjacent to the hotels garden courtyard.

Provence Itinerary: Day 2

Day trip to Avignon

Her Adventures | Provence


That morning we were transferred to Avignon for the day without delay. This beautiful French town is surrounded by a medieval ring of towers. We started our day by touring the Papal Palace, and renting an audioguide.

During the 14th century, the French-born pope, Clement V, eventually moved the papacy from Rome to Avignon’s magnificent Papal Palace.

From there we walked over to the Pont St-Benezet (Avignon bridge), which was made famous by the children’s song Sur le pont d’Avignon. While this bridge currently only spans half way across the river, when it was built in the 12th century it did reach all the way to Villeneuve. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and offers nice views of the Old Town ramparts.

After the bridge we climbed up to Rocher de Domes (Rock of the Domes), which is a beautiful park set high up, and in fact just north of the Popes Palace. Here we stopped for a coffee in a lovely garden cafe and admired the beautiful views of the palace and Old Town.


Then we continued to walk around the Old Town, went in and out of shops and stopped for lunch at the lovely Avenio Restaurant. We sat on the street-side patio and ordered the delicious fixed price menu.

After lunch we wandered around Old Town and headed to the Collection Lambert, which is a wonderful contemporary art gallery. We were lucky to be there during a special Keith Haring exhibit.


After arriving back in St. Remy and having a rest we went for dinner at L’Aile ou la Cuisse, located in the centre of St. Remy.

Provence Itinerary: Day 3

Hike 1

We walked through town to a local grocery store and picked up some cheese, baguette, pate, vegetables and fruit for our lunch. Then we headed toward the start of our hike.

Today’s hike went along the crest of the Alpilles mountains and was very challenging, as we climbed along the rocky terrain along jagged and uneven paths. This adventurous route rewarded us with stunning views and a picturesque place to have our picnic lunch.

The Alpilles mountain range is a rough-hewn, arid landscape with limestone hills and  silvered fields of olive trees below. Alpilles means “little Alps”, as this mountain range rose in the same geological era as the Alps.

After making our way to the valley below, we were greeted with beautiful vineyards and walked the remainder of our hike along country roads.


We took a good rest, and then we headed into town to Cuisines des Anges for dinner. This Provencal restaurant has a delicious fixed price menu filled with comfort food and of course a good bottle of wine.

Provence Itinerary: Day 4


Hike 2

Today our hike took us from St. Remy to the town of Maussane.

This hike was along much gentler terrain. Although we climbed some steep tracks of the Alpilles mountains, the paths went through brush and past fragrant wildflowers, with open views to the mountains and flatlands below. The trails were mainly dirt paths and country roads.

At the beginning of our hike we went by a small lake with an aqueduct.  A dam was placed on this lake in Roman times to regulate the water flow into Glanum (mentioned above).

Further in the hike we frequently walked by groves of olive trees. This is France’s largest olive growing appellation, and the olive oil is made under the protective label of Huile d’Olives des Baux de Provence.

​Finally we arrived in the lovely town of Maussaune with its main street and lively square. We checked into our hotel, Hotel Pre des Baux. The rooms at this hotel surround a large swimming pool. They serve a nice and simple breakfast to the room, which we ate outside on our patio.


After a shower and rest, we headed into the main street of Maussane. We were a bit early and most restaurants weren’t open yet. So we decided to sit at a bar/restaurant in the main square for a drink and ended up eating there at Cafe de la Fontaine, which had a menu of bistro food.

Provence Itinerary: Day 5

Les Baux de Provence

Hike 3

Today we hiked to the beautiful, medieval hillside town of Les Baux de Provence.

During this hike we strolled by a golf course and through a hidden path climbing to the majestic town of Les Baux de Provence.

Along the way we passed a tiny chapel which was perched on the mountain side. This chapel, from the middle of the 19th century, has a bas-relief of three figures. It represents the three Marys who came to Provence in the 1st century after the crucifixion.

We arrived in Les Baux in the middle of the day and just in time for lunch. This was a welcome part of the hike, as Les Baux is a gem of a town. It is an ancient town. Once upon a time it was the seat of a powerful feudal lordship in the middle ages. It is perched at the top of a hill, with winding streets going up toward the old castle.

There are plenty of restaurants and quaint, touristy shops in town. We had a lunch at Bautezar Restaurant, which has a large terrace with breathtaking views. After lunch we wandered around town for a little longer and picked up souvenirs.

We then headed back to Maussaune along canals, olive tree groves and passed lovely villas and elegant chateaus.


After a good rest and some wine at the hotel, we headed out to dinner. Although Maussane is a small village, it has its fair share of good restaurants. On this evening we chose Le clos St Roch. This Michelin rated restaurant serves delicious contemporary Mediterranean cuisine. All the ingredients are fresh and beautifully presented.

Provence Itinerary: Day 6


Hike 4

This morning we transferred to the starting point of our hike, which was near Les Baux.  On this hike we climbed to the summit above the village, with breathtaking views of Les Baux and the valley below.  We walked along the western edge of the mountain, then descended into the plains. Our walk finally ended at the stunning Romanesque chapel St. Gabriel.

The chapel St. Gabriel was our pick up point. From there we then returned to our hotel, Le Calendal, in Arles.  This hotel is in a perfect location, next to the Roman theatre and ampitheater.


After a short rest we headed out to explore Arles. This town has Roman ruins and museums. Unfortunately we weren’t in Arles long enough to explore the sites in depth, but it is a lovely town. I recommend one additional day in Arles.

We sat in one of the squares for some wine and cheese, then wandered around a little longer before going to dinner. For dinner we chose Les Filles du 16 – a lovely restaurant with a delicious Provencal menu.

Provence Itinerary: Day 7



This morning we had a pickup at the hotel and drove back to St. Remy for a day of market shopping and a cooking class at our hotel.

We arrived at the beautiful hotel, Mas des Carassins, where one of the owners greeted us. This old stone building has been gorgeously renovated on the inside and has lush gardens and pools. The chef in their restaurant creates modern Provencal cuisine using local ingredients.

First the hotel owner took us to purchase the ingredients for our cooking class. We stopped at a goat farm, where we learned how goat cheese is made, and purchased two-day old goat cheese.

From there we headed to a produce market where we learned about the locally grown produce and the varieties. We tasted some fresh fruit and vegetables.

From there we went to the famous Wednesday morning market in St. Remy. The market not only has food and fresh produce, but a large selection of Provencal linens, soaps, herbs and antiques. This lively market is fun and highly recommended.


Back at the hotel we then began our cooking class with the hotel’s animated chef, Yvan. We helped him chop and prep the vegetables and watched as he expertly prepared pesto and tapenade, roast a leg of lamb, cook a stacked vegetable ratatouille, create the creamiest mashed potatoes and bake mini, decadent chocolate cakes.

Once lunch was ready to be served we went to the lush garden where a table had been set beautifully and our lunch waited. The setting was magnificent and each course was paired with wine.

After our leisurely lunch we had a rest and walked back to town to do some final souvenir shopping.


In our room we relaxed with a bottle of wine and obviously some snacks.

Provence Itinerary: Day 8


We had a leisurely breakfast in the dining room, and then headed to the airport for a few days in Venice. See my Venice itinerary in 3 days.

Her Adventures | Provence

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