Away She Goes: The Her Adventures travel Podcast

Away She Goes: The Girls Who Travel Podcast

Welcome to Away She Goes, the travel podcast from Her Adventures. Her Adventures is a community dedicated to radically redefining travel to be inclusive, sustainable, and empowering. Your hosts Carli and Sophia are here to take your ears on a journey with bi-weekly episodes that will feed your wanderlust and help you explore beyond your boundaries. They will talk about popular travel topics, explore what it means to be a responsible global citizen, and bring on guests from all across the globe to share their stores, tips, adventures, and more!

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Hey you! Yes, YOU! This is a travel podcast about you and that means we want to hear your stories, insights, tips, and experiences. If you have something to share, consider becoming a guest on the show. Get started right now by filling out this quick form to let us know what you’ve got to share. As part of our mission to make travel more inclusive, sustainable, and empowering we are especially looking to hear from underrepresented voices.

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If you’d like to get ahold of us for any other reason, please email us at or call us on our Google Voicemail at 1-563-503-6323. We can’t wait to connect and explore with you!

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