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5 Must-See Stops from Phoenix to Sedona

Her Adventures | Phoenix to Sedona
Arizona, in the Southwest of the USA, is known for being the Grand Canyon state, but it has much more to offer. Southern Arizona has a hot desert climate, while ...


Her Adventures | Hiking Safety

12 Safety Tips for Hiking During Hunting Season

Are you planning on hiking during hunting season? There are different hunting seasons, depending on where you live and what kind of wildlife is present in your area. If you...
Her Adventures | Moab AirBnB

A Trip to Utah – Responsible Moab AirBnb Options

The city of Moab is best known for its dramatic landscape. Located on the Colorado Plateau and close to two National Parks, Arches and Canyonland, Moab offers a great number of...
Girls Who Travel | Belgium

Visit Belgium, Birthplace of the Fries

Belgium is a rather underrated destination. When you hear Belgium you may think of the headquarters of the EU and Nato. But did you know it is the birthplace of...
Her Adventures |

Playa El Tunco – Your Guide to Surfer’s Paradise

If you are a surfer, then you have heard of the famous playa El Tunco. Despite being a tiny, two-street town, El Tunco is a famous surf spot in South-West...
Her Adventures | Women Together

Why Women Travelling Together is Good for the Heart

Here's some food for thought: more and more women are investing in women-only travels and are finding it life-transforming. Just as local support impact women positively within our hometowns, travelling...
Girls Who Travel | Woman Packing Suitcase

Top 10 Overlooked Travel Essentials for Women

You've probably heard of the usual 'travel essentials for women', whether you're a frequent traveller or not. Things like toiletries, underwear, phone chargers, a toothbrush, and the likes. But while...
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