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Who is this work of art? The extraordinary Katie-Beth – HERA member, author of Her Life In Ruins and this week’s Meet and Greet feature!

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from travel that you’d like to pass on?

Take time to get to know locals. If you stay at a family run B&B, talk to the owners and learn why they decided to open the place (or pick up a family business). If you go to a locally owned restaurant, talk to the staff and ask for recommendations on other things to do. At museums, talk to the people working (except maybe security) and find out what their favorite pieces are and why, as it might be something extra special you would’ve missed without their response. Talk to anyone you can (as long as it is a safe situation). I try and do this everywhere I go and it has taken me to such cool places to eat, sleep, and explore, both domestically and internationally.

What’s your favorite place that you’ve ever traveled to? Why?

I absolutely adored Greece! I was in Greece back in 2014 for a study abroad program. It was my first long-term international trip and I saw SO much of the country while I was there, especially the Mainland and Cyclades Islands. On my trip, I got to know the families who owned the hotels I stayed at, dove in to archaeology sites, witnessed so many cultural events (elections! May Day!), experienced amazing food, and fell head over heels in love with traveling. I feel like I hardly slept while I was there because I didn’t want to miss anything, especially the beyond gorgeous sunrises and sunsets on the Aegean Sea.

What do you credit most to your success?

Saying “yes” to as many opportunities as I can. If I can go somewhere within my financial means and in a timeframe that works for me, I do it. That applies to short, day trips near my home base in Kentucky to long weekends with my girls domestically to long-term trips abroad. If I can afford it, have the time off work, and can take my dog with me or find a place for him to stay, I do it. Once I’m in a place, I try and do everything that is recommended to me (as long as it is safe and legal!). I was VERY inspired by Shonda Rhimes “My Year of Yes” TED Talk and have tried to apply the same logic to my own life – and it hasn’t let me down yet!

Thanks for sharing, Katie-Beth! We’re so excited to see where your life of yes takes you! Join Katie-Beth and over 10,000 other women in Her Adventures.

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