Meet and Greet: Courtney D.

Meet Courtney D. If the name sounds familiar it’s because she’s one of the fabulous moderators for the Girls Who Travel book club! We’re so thrilled to feature Courtney this week so everyone can get to know this amazing lady better.

What’s your dream? What does your end game look like?

I want to own a conglomerate. Businesses that are funneled through my travel agency. I have the agency, we’ve recently launched a travel t-shirt line and we are working on e-books, plus a few other endeavors that will be launched later in 2018 into 2019. Creating passive income so I can spend my time traveling and enjoying life is my ultimate goal. I refuse to be working at 60 years old!

I’d love to live in another country, too. Maybe drinking wine in Southern France or even taking some classes in Italy, possibly eating my way through Southeast Asia and their street food – I’d be ok with that!

Was there a time you ever wanted to quit? How did you deal with that situation, or overcome it?

All the time!! Owning a business is hard, to say the least. There are ups and downs and its never ending. But, like the saying goes, I will work 12-13 hours a day for myself so I don’t have to work 8 hours a day for someone else! I overcome the difficult time by just reminding myself that I want a better life for both me and my dog!! Also, naps and wine help quite a bit LOL!

On a serious note, yoga is a huge help! Mental clarity and meditation are key, I think. I try to do yoga a minimum of 3 times per week, it keeps me grounded.

What is your travel style? How would you describe it?

Luxury – Give me top of the line everything. I specialize in luxury travel so to know my product well, its a must. I just don’t feel comfortable recommending something to a customer if I wouldn’t want to stay there.

I still shock myself when I travel. I stand and stare in awe when I find a new 5 star resort or location. I was always a hostel type of girl until just a few years ago when I decided to specialize in luxury travel. Sometimes I find I’m still in that mindset and I find myself still looking at hostels too! Hostelworld.com is my best friend LOL! I like to stay up to date with which hostels are hip with the kids these days.

Thanks for sharing, Courtney! We love you! Remember us when you’re living the Oprah life with your fabulous conglomerate. Come join Courtney and over 10,000 other women in Girls Who Travel.

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