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Master Travel Preset Bundle

The Master Travel Preset Bundle brings you 14 Lightroom presets created with the traveling, adventurous girl in mind. Make your on-the-go travel shots picture perfect with just one click!







The Master Travel Bundle Includes:

  • 14 unique one-click Lightroom presets for desktop AND mobile:
    • “Cappuccino” preset – a fan favorite! This filter is a bright and airy rose-colored filter that accentuates blues, pinks, tans, and whites, perfect for beaches and selfies!
    • “Clean Linen” preset – the clean, white, fresh, minimal aesthetic that you’ve been looking for.
    • “Fall Tan” preset – the perfect fall filter. Perfect for fall outfits, pumpkin patches, changing leaves, and for keeping your skin looking like summer never left!
    • “Glow” preset – my personal go-to filter for everything! It’s a cool-toned filter that makes blues, whites and tan pop – perfect for all occasions – especially sunny days, skyline views, and selfies.
    • “Jungle Hike” preset – deep greens, pastel yellows and pinks, tan skin, and lightened shadows – perfect for nature shots.
    • “Jungle Hike Coastal” preset – pastel soft greens, soft blues, light and bright – perfect for your photos by the water.
    • “Reef Dive” preset – you know that filter that you’ve always looked for that will make the water and the sky blue, while keeping your skin tan and not being over-saturated? This is it. Vibrant greens and turquoise blues.
    • “Reef Dive Emerald” preset – faded emeralds, vibrant turquoise, and pastel pinks. Gives photos a bit of a dreamy/magical pop!
    • “Snowfall Portrait” preset – we all know how hard it is to get that perfect snow portrait filter. Well, we created it. Rich colors, sharpness, deep shadows, accentuated features – perfect for your ice queen moment!
    • “Snowfall Landscape” preset – brings a bit of warmth and color back into cold winter images, while keeping your photo clean and minimal.
    • “Spring Tan” preset – bright, creamy pastels and cyan skies. One click to look like you went somewhere tropical over the winter!
    • “Summer Tan” preset – the perfect beach preset that basically invented cyan. Bright, tanned, tropical, crisp, and turquoise!
    • “Winter Tan” preset – milk chocolate & mint – warm browns, tanned skin, faded deep emerald greens, bright whites, and turquoise. Perfect for snow portraits to give you a bit of warmth while keeping your surroundings bright.
    • “Winter Tan II” preset – icy, sharp, bright, and cool with hints of faded green and baby pink. Ideal for outfit shots in the snow!
  • How-to guide for both desktop and mobile Lightroom installation



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