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Ethical Lodging with AirBnb Aspen Colorado

Are you thinking of staying with Airbnb Aspen Colorado? Read on and learn all you need to know! About Aspen Aspen is a ski resort...
GirlsWhoTravel|Eco friendlyfamilyholiday

9 Ways to Enjoy Your Most Eco-friendly Family Holiday yet

Traveling around our beautiful planet is an incredible privilege. But with environmental threats making it ever more fragile, how can we make our family holiday...
Girls Who Travel | Sunset at sea

Crew on a Sailboat across the Atlantic Ocean

Sailing across the Atlantic Ocean is a dream for many. Not the easy way, like on a big cruise ship, but on a sailboat. In...
Girls Who Travel | Being a Responsible Traveler

Responsible Travel Tips – Being a Global Citizen

Being a responsible traveler isn’t just about not littering and minimizing our carbon footprint as much whenever possible. It’s also about being a global citizen....
tips for taking the trail less traveled

6 Tips for Taking the Trail Less Traveled

Many of us retreat to the trail when we need a little bit of peace and quiet. These days, however, trails can sometimes feel like...
Girls Who Travel | Staying Ethically with AirBnb

Staying Ethically with AirBnb – Responsible Traveling

Today, I'm wanting to chat about something I used to love. But I have found myself feeling not so great about lately: AirBnb. I'm from...