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Her Adventures | Planning your around the world itinerary

Planning Your Around the World Itinerary

How do you plan an around the world itinerary? My boyfriend Adam and I decided to travel around the world on a phone call back...
passport privilege Blog Header Template

Passport Privilege: Visa Application Denied

The issue of passport privilege is a difficult one to explain to people who don’t go through the rigors of cumbersome visa applications and requirements...
Her Adventures | Travel self-care toolkit

Building a Solid Travel Self-Care Toolkit

Back in January, Her Adventures community member Zainab posed a wonderful question in our HERA Facebook Group: How do we look after our mental health...
Her Adventures | How to Deal With the Post Travel Blues

How to Deal With Intense Post Travel Blues

Ahh the post travel blues - we've probably all felt them! Let's lay out the scenario. The Post Travel Blues Going on a trip is...
Her Adventures | Traveling with friends

The Secret to Traveling with Friends

Traveling with friends is either a huge nightmare or the best trip ever! Okay, fine. Something in between is also possible, but we mostly hope...
Her Adventures | Cultural Appropriation vs Appreciation

Cultural Appropriation Vs Appreciation

Cultural Appropriation vs Appreciation: Where do you draw the line? Somebody left a comment on my blog asking if it was okay for her, a...