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First time travelers

Her Adventures | Travel Green

4 Basic Ways To Travel Green

For many of us, to travel green may be associated with relinquishing the last few comforts we low-budget (that’s “cash impaired” to the rest of...
Her Adventures | Holiday travel safety

Holiday Travel Safety – 10 Tips to Stay Safe

Even if you are from the toughest town around, it’s important to know that as a tourist and as a woman you can be a...
Her Adventures | travel essentials

Top 10 Overlooked Travel Essentials for Women

You've probably heard of the usual 'travel essentials for women', whether you're a frequent traveller or not. Things like toiletries, underwear, phone chargers, a toothbrush,...
Girls Who Travel | The First Flight

My First Flight – Traveling Abroad

The first flight was scheduled for 7th December, 2019. The alarm was set for 6 am, not that I had much sleep anyway. None if...
Girls Who Travel | Round the world trip

Planning Your Around the World Itinerary

How do you plan an around the world itinerary? My boyfriend Adam and I decided to travel around the world on a phone call back...
Girls Who Travel | Visa appplication denied

Passport Privilege: Visa Application Denied

The issue of travel privilege is a difficult one to explain to people who don’t go through the rigors of cumbersome visa applications and requirements....



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