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Things to do in Haunted Chicago

Haunted: an adjective that is frequented by a ghost or having or showing signs of mental anguish or torment. Do you plan to visit to...
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Staycation: Boat Tour in Tbilisi, Georgia

How about a boat tour in Tbilisi for a staycation? When you live in a place, you do not usually do the touristy stuff. I...
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10 Museums in the Netherlands You Should Not Miss

A visit to the Netherlands is an item on many bucket lists, mainly because people love to visit Amsterdam. Some people even think Amsterdam is...
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Put Your Phone Away! 6 Tips for Smartphone Detox

The year 2020 changed life completely for many of us. I'm no exception to this. In the past I barely used my phone, often due...
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10 DIY Projects to Enjoy While Stuck at Home

Crafting: activity or hobby making decorative articles by hand. That’s what the dictionary tells us when we look for the meaning of this term. Nowadays...
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10 Great Travel Themed Christmas Movies to Watch in 2021

During a time when you can’t travel as much, books, TV shows and movies are the way to go to feed your travel bug. Christmas...