Her Adventures | Brazil for Dinner

Brazil for Dinner

In this series of culinary and cultural travel, I’m taking you with me to explore different countries' cuisines and cultures from the comfort of our...
Her Adventures | Picnic Tips

5 Picnic Tips For a Perfect Day out

When I think about picnicking memories come to mind about my family and I on vacation in France eating fresh baguette with sardines and mayonnaise....
Her Adventures | Travel by food

Hawaii for Lunch – Travel by Food

France for breakfast, Hawaii for lunch and Peru for dinner. Given the flight distances, this sentence wouldn’t even be achievable under regular circumstances. And we...
Her Adventures | Color Your World on National Coloring Book Day

Color Your World on National Coloring Book Day

Did you know that August 2 is national coloring book day! Now you may think coloring is just for children. Wrong! There are many benefits...
Her Adventures | Tulip Fields in the Netherlands

Tulip Fields In Netherlands – Tulip Picking

The tulip fields in the Netherlands are featured on many postcards from the Netherlands. The two are inseparable if you ask me. To be honest,...
Her Adventures | Haunted Chicago

Things to do in Haunted Chicago

Haunted: an adjective that is frequented by a ghost or having or showing signs of mental anguish or torment. Do you plan to visit to...