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Solo Travel

Girls Who Travel | Traveling solo

4 Reasons To Travel Alone & Enjoy Your Own Company

There are many reasons to travel alone. Finding the perfect travel buddy is unbelievably hard! First, you need to find a time frame during which...
Girls Who Travel | Solo Travel Conversation

The Solo Travel Conversation – How to Tell the Parents

Having the solo travel conversation? If some parents are helicopters, mine are more like taxis. They are reassuring in the event of an emergency, but...
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What Solo Travel Teaches You – My First Solo Trip

Once upon a time a young, sometimes stupid, 19 year old me set about on her first solo adventure.  I went on a two week...
Girls Who Travel | First solo trip

5 Reasons You Should Take Your First Solo Trip

I have had people ask me all the time why I prefer to travel alone, and I am gearing up for my next big solo...

First Solo Trip Coming Up? Here’s How To Prepare

New Year's Eve, 2012. A few months prior, I had started planning for what would be the first solo trip of my lifetime:  two months...