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Her Adventures | Traveling with Neurodivergence

Traveling With Neurodivergence

This is my story about traveling with neurodivergence and my solo road trip. Traveling with Neurodivergence: This image is of a sunset on my solo...
Her Adventures | My First Flight

My First Flight – Traveling Abroad

My First Flight My first flight was scheduled for 7th December, 2019. The alarm was set for 6 am, not that I had much sleep...
Her Adventures | Travel self-care toolkit

Building a Solid Travel Self-Care Toolkit

Back in January, Her Adventures community member Zainab posed a wonderful question in our HERA Facebook Group: How do we look after our mental health...
Her Adventures | What Solo Travel Means to Me

What Solo Travel Means to Me

What solo travel means to me. Sometimes, in fact, you get surprised by life. A painful divorce was the gift I needed to understand that...
Her Adventures | 7 Essential Solo Travel Tips For Women

7 Essential Solo Travel Tips For Women

My name is Malak and I have been traveling solo for quite some time (28 countries & counting)! Here is a gist of solo travels...
Her Adventures | Travel is healing

Travel is Healing, Travel is Personal

Travel is healing. The idea of travel used to be nothing more than just an idea. Growing up as an only child to a single...