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Solo Travel


7 Essential Solo Travel Tips For Women

My name is Malak and I have been traveling solo for quite some time (28 countries & counting)! Here is a gist of solo travels...
Girls Who Travel | Healing

Travel is Healing, Travel is Personal

The idea of travel used to be nothing more than just an idea. Growing up as an only child to a single mom, traveling never...

30 Important Travel Tips for the Solo Traveler

Solo travel is one of the most amazing experiences a girl who travels can have, but it can be a bit intimidating! Don't worry, help...

Interrail around the Mediterranean

Are you interested in a trip by interrail around the Mediterranean? This year, the EU decided that all citizens that turn 18 will be gifted...
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To Travel Solo…Or Not to Travel Solo?

Last year, I embarked on my first true solo travel adventure. I went to London, Portugal, and Greece. In years past, I globetrotted with a...
Girls Who Travel | Edinburgh

How Solo Travel Changed my Outlook on Life

The writings in this post are the opinion of the writer. Girls Who Travel encourages you to seek professional health if you're having any sort...