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Her Adventures | Napcabs

How to Sleep at the Airport- Easy Tips and Napcabs

Sleeping at the airport is nothing that we do because it’s so much fun, but it can be relatively pleasant. There are many good reasons...
loneliness meet friends

5 Tips Against Travel Loneliness

Even the introverts among us, need some alone time to recharge and actually love it, also need to socialise every now and then. Trust me,...
Girls Who Travel | Hostel in Indiana

Solo Road Trips And Neurodivergence

This is my story about solo road trips and neurodivergence. Traveling with Neurodiversity: This image is of a sunset on my solo road trip through...
Girls Who Travel | The First Flight

My First Flight – Traveling Abroad

The first flight was scheduled for 7th December, 2019. The alarm was set for 6 am, not that I had much sleep anyway. None if...
GirlsWhoTravel|BuildingaSelf CareToolkit

Building a Travel Self-Care Toolkit

Back in January, Girls Who Travel community member Zainab posed a wonderful question in our GWT Facebook Group: How do we look after our mental...
Girls Who Travel | A Camel Walked by my Window

Surprised by Life – What Solo Travel Means to Me

Sometimes, in fact, you get surprised by life. A painful divorce was the gift I needed to understand that part of me that always made...