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5 Cheap Hotels in Santa Barbara, California

If you are looking for cheap hotels in Santa Barbara, you have come to the right place!Santa Barbara, the beautiful city on the central Californian...
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10 Tips for a Comfortable Journey by Bus

Are you planning a journey by bus? Those trips can be long and tedious. Tackle your journey by bus like a pro with these ten...
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How to Sleep at the Airport

Sleep at the airport is nothing that we do because it’s so much fun, but it can be relatively pleasant. There are many good reasons...
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Visit Reykjavik, Iceland on a Budget

Can you visit Iceland on a budget? Back in September I was coming down off my trip high from 2 months in Europe. I wanted...
Her Adventures | Interrail around the Mediterranean

Interrail around the Mediterranean

Are you interested in a trip by interrail around the Mediterranean? This year, the EU decided that all citizens that turn 18 will be gifted...
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How to Visit Santorini On A Budget

With its striking white and blue houses, cliffside villages, and picturesque caldera, Santorini, Greece is a dream destination for many. Santorini is as notorious for...