Her Adventures | Nashville

7 Best Hotspots in Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee has always had a very special place in my heart because a) I grew up in the area and b) the music! Nashville...

5 Excellent Reasons To Visit Vancouver, Canada

If you are looking for reasons to visit Vancouver, I'm here to help! Living a life as a long term expat is always an adventure....

3 Great Travel Navigation Hacks

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My Adventurous 10 Day Irish Solo Road Trip

I'll never forget the feeling of seeing Ireland out of the airplane window, a mass of green so peacefully sitting amidst the lapping waves. Not...
Her Adventures | Travel FOMO

Managing Unexpected Travel FOMO

This is a story about travel FOMO. This past week I had two separate conversations about life, contentment, and travel.  And I was reminded of...

5 Tips For Travelling Abroad for the First Time

Five tips I’ve learned about travelling abroad for the first time Travelling abroad for the first time... The very phrase of travelling abroad for the...