Her Adventures | Ask Miss Bee

Ask Miss Bee: How can I Be Less Self-Conscious?

Ask Miss Bee, HERA's resident sex columnist. Do you have a question about love, sex or dating abroad? Ask her anonymously here! Dear Miss Bee,...
Her Adventures | Disney World

Top 10 Disney World Experiences

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, bills itself as the most magical place on earth, and they aren’t kidding around! Disney is packed with amazing...
Her Adventures | China Dance

The China Dance – A Memorable Night

This is my story of the China dance. Exploring other cultures has been a part of my life since I was in college. Venturing out...
Her Adventures | What Solo Travel Teaches You

What Solo Travel Teaches You

Once upon a time a young, sometimes stupid, 19 year old me set about on her first solo adventure.  I went on a two week...

Join the Great #TakeBackTheArmrest movement

“You get in life what you have the courage to ask for” – Oprah Winfrey #TakeBackthearmrest. How many times have you experienced this? You settle...
Her Adventures | Travel to escape

Quick Mental Health Check – Do You Travel to Escape?

Do you travel to escape? With loss of Anthony Bourdain, it feels like the whole world is reeling. The first thing I saw when I...