Her Adventures | Ways to afford and fund your travels

10 Brilliant Ways To Afford and Fund Your Travels

"I want to travel so bad but I feel like I have to be wealthy to do so. How do you girls fund your travels?"...
Her Adventures | Places to visit in Azerbaijan

Visit Azerbaijan

The country of Azerbaijan is a small, hidden gem that lies on the Caspian Sea. There are many reasons to come here, and fantastic places...
Her Adventures | Motorbike travel in Afghanistan

A Woman in Wakhan Corridor – Motorbike Travel in Afghanistan

“Afghanistan is dangerous. Motorbike travel in afghanistan is a bad idea. Besides, what are you thinking?” As we approached the border of the Wakhan Corridor...
Her Adventures | Santorini on a budget

How to Visit Santorini On A Budget

With its striking white and blue houses, cliffside villages, and picturesque caldera, Santorini, Greece is a dream destination for many. Santorini is as notorious for...
Her Adventures | A Day in Washington DC

6 Exciting Must-Sees in a Day in Washington DC

I love the idea of Cher: how people consider her the queen of Pop, a queen in general, or even a deity in some cases....
HerAdventures|Katie Beth

Meet and Greet: Katie-Beth Gamblin

Who is this work of art? The extraordinary Katie-Beth - HERA member, author of Her Life In Ruins and this week's Meet and Greet feature! What's...