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Vidya Murugan

Her Adventures | Cultural Appropriation vs Appreciation

Cultural Appropriation Vs Appreciation

By Vidya Murugan / April 26, 2019

Cultural Appreciation vs Appropriation. Where do you draw the line? Vidya examines this conflict. Join the conversation now! #culturalappropriation #culturalappreciation #responsibletravel

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Her Adventures | London

A Marvelous 36 Hour London Trip

By Vidya Murugan / April 1, 2019

Vidya and her partner found themselves with less than 36 hours in London. Here’s how they turned this into a marvelous London trip anyway. #london #uk #england

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Her Adventures | Rogan Art

How I Came to Own a Piece of Rogan Art

By Vidya Murugan / March 22, 2019

While traveling India, Vidya stopped in the artisan village of Nirona. While there, she picked up Rogan painting, a 300 year-old art form. #roganart #asia #india

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Her Adventures | UK Babymoon

An “Adventure” UK Babymoon Trip

By Vidya Murugan / February 25, 2019

In January 2018, Vidya found out that she was pregnant and knew her and her partner’s big trip for the year would be a UK babymoon. #UK #babymoon #england #scotland

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Her Adventures | How to Survive Paris if You Don't Speak French

How to Survive Paris if You Don’t Speak French

By Vidya Murugan / February 22, 2019

Visiting Paris when you don’t speak the French can be difficult. But Vidya found that Paris (and French!) is for everyone! #paris #france

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HerAdventures|Vegan eatarian

I am a Vegan-eatarian, is Paris for me?

By Vidya Murugan / February 15, 2019

Are you a vegan-eatarian and wonder if you’ll be able to find food in Paris, the land of cheese, wine and pastries? Read on and find out! #paris #vegan #france

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