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Her Adventures | Girl taking pictures using smartphone

Acing the Traveler Photos Game using a Smartphone

By Rachel Anne Galvan / October 9, 2021

Are your photos looking too ordinary? Use these tips to take the most professionally looking traveler photos using your smartphone! #travelerphotos #photography #photos #traveltips

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Her Adventures | Women Together

Why Women Travelling Together is Good for the Heart

By Rachel Anne Galvan / September 30, 2021

More and more women are not only travelling but are also doing it together. Find out why it’s beneficial for both local and travelling women. #WomenTravellingTogether #Feminism

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Girls Who Travel | Woman Packing Suitcase

Top 10 Overlooked Travel Essentials for Women

By Rachel Anne Galvan / September 29, 2021

Planning a trip soon? Use this ultimate travel essentials guide to remind you of what you need to buy for your upcoming travel. #travelessentialsforwomen #traveltips

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kuwait kuwait city and desert adec

Experience Kuwait – Where Old Meets New

By Rachel Anne Galvan / September 14, 2021

Kuwait is the place where old meets new. If you’re looking to visit, research and come prepared. Find out what it’s like visiting the booming nation! #Kuwait #MiddleEast

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At the Corner of Europe – Bulgaria is Edgy

By Rachel Anne Galvan / September 2, 2021

Bulgaria is edgy – pun intended! Visit this fascinating country at the corner of Europe. It’s a holiday dream in the summer as well as winter! #Bulgaria #Balkan #Cityoftsars

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oman scuba diving

Explore Oman: A Rose Among The Thorns

By Rachel Anne Galvan / February 16, 2021

Oman’s natural beauty and abundant marine life are spectacular, as is its vibrant urban life and ancient history. A must on your bucket list! #oman #middleeast #asia

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