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Experience Kuwait – Where Old Meets New

By Rachel Anne Galvan / September 14, 2021

Kuwait is the place where old meets new. If you’re looking to visit, research and come prepared. Find out what it’s like visiting the booming nation! #Kuwait #MiddleEast

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At the Corner of Europe – Bulgaria is Edgy

By Rachel Anne Galvan / September 2, 2021

Bulgaria is edgy – pun intended! Visit this fascinating country at the corner of Europe. It’s a holiday dream in the summer as well as winter! #Bulgaria #Balkan #Cityoftsars

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oman scuba diving

Explore Oman: A Rose Among The Thorns

By Rachel Anne Galvan / February 16, 2021

Oman’s natural beauty and abundant marine life are spectacular, as is its vibrant urban life and ancient history. A must on your bucket list! #oman #middleeast #asia

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Girls Who Travel | A Serene Getaway to Bali, Indonesia

A Serene Bali Getaway – Sun, Surf and Cuisine

By Rachel Anne Galvan / August 13, 2020

Rachel was in need of a vacation. She opted for a Bali getaway with sun, surf, and serene moments on the beach. Visit the Island of the Gods! #bali #indonesia

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Girls Who Travel | Wales is worth exploring

Wales is Worth Exploring – Nature and Culture

By Rachel Anne Galvan / February 25, 2020

Wales is often overlooked in favor of England and Scotland. But it definitely has a lot to offer. Wales is worth exploring! #wales #UK

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