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Girls Who Travel | Schoorlse Duinen

Staycation in the Netherlands: Schoorlse Duinen

By Martine Muis / August 11, 2020

Staycation in the Netherlands, there is so much to see and do. Martine decided to venture out on her bike to explore the Schoorlse Duinen. #Netherlands #staycation #schoorlseduinen

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Girls Who Travel | Explore your home country

Redefining Travel – When You Want to Travel but Can’t

By Martine Muis / July 14, 2020

During the pandemic Martine’s travel bug wanted to go places it couldn’t, so she decided to explore the world of Staycation. #staycation #netherlands

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Girls Who Travel | KIndness

Ways to Show Kindness in Times of Crisis

By Martine Muis / May 7, 2020

We are struggling with the new reality of a global pandemic. But you can easily brighten someone’s day. Here are some ways to show kindness. #kindness #randomactsofkindness #2020kindness #waystoshowkindness

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Girls Who Travel | A pile of cocoa beans and shells

Cruise with a Purpose: ChoCal in Amber Cove

By Martine Muis / June 21, 2019

While on a recent cruise, Martine chose to volunteer with ChoCal in Amber Cove, a local chocolate factory that empowers local women! #cruising #volunteering #giveback

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Girls Who Travel | When homesickness hits

When Homesickness Hits During a Trip

By Martine Muis / December 5, 2018

Martine is getting real about something we all experience but often fail to talk about: what happens when homesickness hits. #homesick #homesickness

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Girls Who Travel | Cruising for Everyone

The Taste of Cruising – Why Cruising is for Everyone

By Martine Muis / September 21, 2018

Martine feels that cruising is for everyone! Cruising allows you to see the world in a low-stress, relaxing environment, often all-inclusive. #cruise #cruising #cruiseship #cruisevacation

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