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Her Adventures | Christmas on the beach

Experience Tropical Christmas in Australia

By Martine Muis / October 9, 2021

Have you ever thought of spending Christmas wearing shorts, drinking cold beverages, and applying sunscreen? Find out what’s it’s like! #tropicalchristmas #christmasdownunder #australia

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Girls Who Travel | Giethoorn

A Day in Giethoorn and Weerribben-Wieden, NL

By Martine Muis / September 28, 2021

The Dutch are out and about, discovering the beauty of their own country, and so is Martine. Read all about her day in Giethoorn. #staycation #Netherlands #Giethoorn

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Girls Who Travel | Lemeleberg

Lemeleberg – A Staycation in the Netherlands

By Martine Muis / September 14, 2021

Martine went on a staycation to Lemeleberg. The beautiful nature offers plenty of hiking and bike trails, as well as a large flock of sheep. #Netherlands #staycation #Lemeleberg

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Girls Who Travel | Picnic

5 Picnic Tips For a Perfect Day out

By Martine Muis / August 19, 2021

Staycation time? Plan your perfect day out with these 5 picnic tips that will make for a perfect afternoon, no matter your location. #staycation #picnic #picnictips

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Girls Who Travel | Netherlands

Noord Holland Tulips – The Dos and Don’ts

By Martine Muis / July 27, 2021

Noord Holland is a fabulous place to visit during tulip season! Martine tells us all about the best places take those Insta worthy pictures! #Netherlands #tulips #tulipseason #Holland #staycation

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at home

10 Ways to Survive Quarantine at Home

By Martine Muis / June 15, 2021

After 42 days in full quarantine, no one knows better than Martine how to survive quarantine at home. Here are her 10 tips! #quarantine #stayathome #staycation #howtosurvivequarantine

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