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Her Adventures | Ultimate Car Camping List

The Ultimate Car Camping List (10 Must Haves)

By Martine Muis / September 6, 2022

Car camping is fun. Unless you forget the essentials for comfort and safety.. Read on and discover our comprehensive car camping list. #carcamping #camping #campingessentials #carcampinglist

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Her Adventures | Alaska

Go Cruising in Alaska

By Martine Muis / August 2, 2022

Not all cruises go to tropical destinations. In fact, cruises to colder places become more and more popular! How about taking a cruise to Alaska? #cruising #cruise #alaska

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Her Adventures | Cruising in Norway

Go Cruising in Norway

By Martine Muis / July 19, 2022

Cruising isn’t just for those who are retired, it’s the way to explore new places without struggling with your suitcase all the time. Let’s talk about one of the most famous cruise destinations in Europe: Norway. #norway #cruise #cruising #cruiseship #bookacruise #cruisenorway #travelnorway

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Her Adventures | Happy Sinterklaas

Happy Sinterklaas – Story of A Dutch Holiday

By Martine Muis / November 30, 2021

Sinterklaas is a Dutch holiday, traditionally celebrated on December 5. A happy Sinterklaas is merry, with songs, family time and, of course candy and presents! #happysinterklaas #sinterklaas #dutchholiday #netherlands #holidaytraditions

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Her Adventures | How I Proposed to my Partner

Overcoming Recognized Tradition: How I Proposed to my Partner

By Martine Muis / November 23, 2021

What happens if you want to get married but your partner just won’t propose? Martine overcame tradition and took charge of her own destiny. #femaleempowerment #marriage #overcomingtradition #marriageproposal #proposetoyourpartner #overcomingtradition

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Her Adventures | Gift for the traveler woman

The Perfect Gift for the Traveler Woman

By Martine Muis / November 10, 2021

Are you looking for travel gifts for women? Look no further! Our home items edition will make every traveler in your life happy. #travelgifts #travelgiftsforwomen #homeitemsfortravelers #homeitems

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