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Girls Who Travel | Kansas

Unique Places To Visit in Kansas

By Danielle Miess / July 20, 2021

Kansas is more than just a flat expanse. Danielle tells us about its state parks, culture and her visit to the center most point of the US! #kansas #centermostpointoftheus #wichita

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Girls Who Travel | Hostel in Indiana

Solo Road Trips And Neurodivergence

By Danielle Miess / September 15, 2020

Living with ADD can be a challenge. But what if you love to travel? Danielle tells us about road trips and neurodivergence. #solotravel #roadtrip #neurodivergence

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Girls Who Travel | Travel Agents: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

What You Need to Know about Being a Travel Agent

By Danielle Miess / August 5, 2019

After being a travel agent for 5 years, Danielle is here to educate us the pros and cons of the job, and how you can make it a reality. #travelagent #traveljobs #jobs

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