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Girls Who Travel | Remember your worth

Remembering Your Worth After A Bad Experience

By Anonymous / July 3, 2019

TW: sexual abuse. A photo shoot crossed the line and left our author burdened. Trusting her new bf helped out her after a bad experience. #survivor #sexualassault

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Girls Who Travel | Suffer in Silence

To Those Who Suffer in Silence: I see you. I hear you.

By Anonymous / June 3, 2019

To those who have a similar story to mine, to those who have been taken advantage of, to those who suffer in silence and fear…I see you. #sexualassault #survivor

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Girls Who Travel | A toy plane sits on top of a globe.

Travel is a Privilege – Let’s Chat About It

By Anonymous / February 20, 2019

GWT is committed to education. Arden talks about a tough topic: travel is a privilege. Read on to learn about this important topic. #travelisaprivilege #letstalkaboutprivilege #privilege

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Girls Who Travel | The Globethotter Diaries: A London Encounter

The Globethotter Diaries: A Sexy London Encounter

By Anonymous / January 30, 2019

Annika is back with her second post in our Globethotter Diaries series. This time, she’s telling all about a steamy London encounter. #globethotterdiaries #internationalromance

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Girls Who Travel | A Wild Elephant

My Solo Trip to Africa – Overcoming Fear

By Anonymous / January 16, 2019

After struggling with mental health and fear for years, one woman decided to take the leap and take a solo trip to Africa. #africa solotravel #animaltourism

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See Wildlife Ethically – The Ultimate List

By Anonymous / January 4, 2019

Seeing animals in the wild in an ethical way should be something all travelers do. We’ve created a “wildlife bucket list” for you! #wildlifebucketlist #animaltourism #ethicaltravel #ethicaltourism

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